We are the first company to develop Android 2.1 in a very cost effective GPS solution (Atlas 4/5). This is most popular portable GPS solution in the world and they dominated the market due to their price strategy and product quality. We believe Android platform will replace WINCE operating system in the near future with their added value services but free of charge.

We have engineering team who has rich experience in linux for consumer electronics product. They are located in france and china. Of course, reliable hardware partner and manufacturer is also important to have a robust product.

We can customize a product for customer in order to meet their requirement. For example, connect PND to external sensor and develop application to send data to server. We can manage to develop the project within a very short period of time. Time to market is the key.

Keeping the customer in mind at all times, we make the quality of our products and services our highest priority. From product design and offering, to quality assurance as a whole, we devote ourselves to creating products and services that optimize customer value while bearing the market-orientated concept in mind.

  • Fit-for-the purpose quality and specifications
  • Quality consistency
  • Service reliability
  • Continuous effort to improve our products and operational excellence

The quality of our company is comprised of the spirit inherent in each of us to devote ourselves to continuous quality improvement